Omaha Mural

Gone Fish’n

This chalk Mural, created for the 2022 Midtown Chalk Festival in Omaha, Nebraska, displays my artwork, Gone Fish’n. Inspired by the late artist Norman Rockwell, my work depicts the reflection of our country’s culture in everyday life.

One thing I love to have in my art is a narrative. I like people to enjoy discovering and interpreting the story within my art. The children here are out to explore the sunny day and are ready for an adventure. It’s up to the observer to decide what is going to happen.

Due to the forecast for inclement weather on Saturday, I only had Sunday to complete my project. I wasn’t to get the detail and quality I was hoping to achieve in a short amount of time. Hopefully, next year we will have a little better luck.

This year’s fourth annual Omaha Chalk Art Festival was presented by Emspace + Lovgren. Special thanks to in-kind sponsor Blick Art Materials.