Omaha Mural

C.L. Werner

C.L. Werner

Owner C.L. Werner and wife Rachael Werner

Founder C.L. Werner, of Werner Enterprises celebrated his 65 years of his business with a company picnic at the Omaha Storm Chasers’ Werner Ball Park in Omaha Nebraska. I was lucky enough to help create this 8 by 4 foot chalk mural.

With the wind on Saturday, this was probably some of the worst conditions I’ve ever dealt with (other than rain) but after working diligently for approximately 8 hours we finally completed it! The picture below depicts the damage to the top left-hand corner, where gusts of wind, at an estimated 30 miles per hour, eventually toppled over our tent.

Helping with this mural, was wife Robin Whitehead, son & daughter Andrea & Cameron and family friend and artist Caleb Alford.

From left to right: Cameron Johnson, Russell Johnson, Caleb Alford, Andrea Johnson, and Robin Whitehead.

You can see the difference in these last few pictures. A lot of the color saturation was lost due to the wind; making the colors muted.