Omaha Mural

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The Watering Hole

This 4×3 foot acrylic painting on canvas, simply titled, “The Watering Hole,” was completed for my good friend, Josh Adams The project took several months as I worked on it in parts in my free time. Josh loves elephants and gave me free rein to paint something on the subject. I found a photo that …

Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion

This year instead of creating a chalk mural drawing, the Le Mars community requested paintings because many residents did not want to see the chalk art washed away. They wanted to continue to enjoy it throughout the year in the community. These two paintings are displayed in the windows at Binneboese Shoes and Etc., (18 …

Finding Nemo

In 2004 my son was born. To celebrate his arrival I painted this mural based on the Disney Pixar movie, “Finding Nemo”. We’ve since moved from this house so I’m not sure if they kept the mural but from the last word, I think they were not going to paint over it.

St. Paul Lutheran Bulldogs

One of the first large murals that my wife and I have ever painted was at St. Paul’s Lutheran School & Church, located in Arlington, NE. The school wanted a bulldog mascot painted in their gymnasium to embrace their school spirit. We utilized artwork from clip art and modified it to include the Cross-styled dog …